Wildlife Removal

Illinois squirrel removal and control

Traps are placed as close to the squirrel entry hole as possible

Plenty of squirrels have given Illinois residents headaches as they run around in their attic back and fourth as if its the squirrels attic. We know how to get rid of problem squirrels. Our Illinois squirrel removal and control targets the squirrel entry points and can be done in a few ways. One type of Illinois squirrel removal utilizes a multi-catch trap placed over the squirrels hole into the attic. Another way Illinois squirrel removal is done is baited squirrel traps. This is the most commonly used Illinois squirrel control method. Some residents often ask if baited traps are used for my Illinois squirrel removal needs how do you know your not going to catch every squirrel in the neighborhood in your Illinois squirrel control attempts. Plain and simple, a squirrel on your home for starters is like a burglar in your back yard, its up to something bad and odds are your home is not squirrel proofed and as open as a doggy door for them. Secondly we set our traps for all Illinois squirrel removal next to the hole, if that squirrel is that close to the hole do you really think its not going to try and make a home inside there where other squirrels already are or have been? If you need Illinois squirrel control leave the guess work to our professionals, we have never had an Illinois squirrel removal project where the number of squirrels trapped was a concern. Always make sure your home has been squirrel proofed after you have had professional Illinois squirrel control, where one animal leaves a void, especially squirrels, another is sure to fill it.

Illinois raccoon removal and control

This raccoon was very old and was missing his right eye

When speaking in terms of nuisance Illinois wildlife nothing is more serious than Illinois raccoon removal and control. Clever, agile, great jumpers, swimmers and powerful, there is almost nothing that stands in a nuisance raccoons way of getting where it wants to go. Not even your roof! Illinois raccoon removal because of their set of skills can bring Illinois raccoon control technicians high and low. How to get rid of raccoons is what we specialize in. We have had Illinois raccoon removal up on roofs and out of chimneys to Illinois raccoon control measures under decks and stoops. Illinois raccoon removal from chimneys is not complete after the mother raccoon and babies are removed. Complete Illinois raccoon control includes feces removal if any and capping the chimney so no raccoons can enter the vacant space. Our Illinois raccoon removal covers everything from trapping nuisance raccoons and raccoon proofing to raccoon feces removal. We have exactly what it takes to effectively serve all Illinois raccoon control needs.

Illinois skunk removal and control

More often then one would think, skunks end up in garages.

Skunks above all other nuisance Illinois wildlife are the most feared and dreaded and with good reason. Illinois skunk removal and control is usually employed once the problem skunk has already sprayed and declared war on the homeowner. Usually by the smell of mothballs put out by homeowners we can locate the skunks hole when servicing Illinois skunk removal calls. Many people do not know mothballs as a form of Illinois skunk control does not only not work but even worse is against federal law to try and deter mammals with mothballs. Illinois skunk removal is best accomplished with humane skunk trapping methods. Illinois skunk control would not be complete either without a quality skunk bait and lure. Our Illinois skunk removal is 95% odor free, as with all wildlife nothing is ever for sure and some skunks especially young skunks feel the need to spray with little or no provocation. If you were worried about how to get rid of skunk odor, worry no more. As a part of our Illinois skunk control we provide skunk odor removal as well. We remove skunk odor by breaking down the molecular compounds whether in a home or under a stoop. We also remove skunks from window wells and home skunk proofing as a part of our Illinois skunk removal services.

Illinois opossum removal and control

Opossum removal in Illinois is usually quite simple. Opossums are opportunistic feeders usually taking anything available. Illinois opossum removal is usually done when an opossum has died or brought a dead animal under a deck to feed. Illinois opossum control is important since this habit of eating animals causes opossums to spread and contract diseases themselves, often dying in hard to reach areas. Illinois opossum removal is available for problems under decks and stoops. Our illinois opossum control also removes dead opossums from decks and stoops. If you are in need of Illinois opossum removal please call to inquire about our Illinois opossum control services.

Illinois beaver trapping and control

Illinois beaver removal is always a needed service when beaver have created a dam and caused high waters to flood. Beaver dams do have their place in nature, creating wetlands and habitat for other wildlife species. Illinois beaver removal is a very tricky art. Beaver are very intelligent creatures and learn from others hard earned mistakes. Our Illinois beaver control is discrete and effective. Our Illinois beaver removal methods are tactfully placed to minimize non target catches such as muskrats or raccoons and strategically done to eliminate problem beaver as soon as possible. Illinois beaver removal can be done in 2 ways. Beaver can be simply exterminated by standard beaver trapping methods or we can humanely trap and relocate beaver as a means of Illinois beaver control. Farmers to townships looking for Illinois beaver removal can have confidence in our beaver trapping experience as we have been trapping beaver for over 25 years and have beaver trapping techniques passed down to us from pre WW2 beaver traplines. If you are in need of Illinois beaver removal feel free to call us for a phone consultation.

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